The tendencies are there, the fight against our faith is becoming more fierce while negligence and subtility is creeping inn. The devil using common sense and things to persuade us to give up our faith even when we don’t know.

It’s a common thing now for Christian’s to lie, cheat, fornicate and do all sort just with a consolation that they will ask for mercy and be forgiven after the action.

I Timothy 4:1-4, Paul in the epistle identify this as the spirit of the last days. Hearts and conscience will no longer see evil in sin even when they know the consequences.

This is why we must keep ourselves reminded that Christianity is not just to deal with the devil and the sin factor, NO. It is to create a RELATIONSHIP between God and man (His Own).

Today, make a commitment and a decision asking the Holy Spirit to help you that you will rather obey the LAWS OF THE SPIRIT in Christ Jesus than the demands of the flesh. The return of Jesus is so close and the need self evaluation is key.

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