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God has investment in TIME, PEOPLE AND IN THINGS. If He says wait, don't mistake it for a delay. If He kept you on the queue is because He has a plan. Staying in the queue while waiting is what determines the strength of your character walk with God. Don't worry, it...

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God’s Supernatural Dealings

The God that could make river flow in the desert, give manna in the wilderness, put  boundaries for the sea, laid the foundations of the earth and set the pillars in order yet eyes can not see these things. Isa.43.20 - The beast of the field shall honour me, the...

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The character of favour is such that it doesn't need you to be qualified to be given. It is actually what qualifies the unqualified. It will always interrupt process, protocols,reasons,seasons,style and stamina. This is exactly what makes men who are weak strong,...

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Hold On

Anything God said,He is able to perform. Doubt your doubts, resist your fears, talk down on things that looks overbearing. God is faithful. Heb.6.18 - That by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have...

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Uncommon Blessings

Some blessings are not normal, they take the unusual form. Imagine a one time slave becoming a prince in a foreign country where he wasn't voted into power but elected by grace. No question, suggestions or opinion was required but a mandate that a man called Joseph...

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Paradoxes and Tensions in the Christian Faith

Paradoxes and Tensions in the Christian Faith

Something that modern readers of the Bible often fail to recognize is how many paradoxes and tensions there are in the Christian faith. It is frequently the case that two things which at first sight seem to contradict each other are both in fact true. The amount of bad teaching in the church would be much less if there was better understanding of this.

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